Welcome and thank you for your interest in the Trager® Approach.

Trager® is a somatic exploration/movement education that is also known as psychophysical integration or mind/body integration.

Trager International is currently composed of 12 national Trager associations representing more than 20 countries.

The organization trains, certifies and supports Trager® practitioners around the world.

The Trager International web site includes:

  • links to all national associations
  • where to find practitioners
  • the history of Milton Trager, MD and the organization
  • description and applications of Trager®
  • the professional training program
  • world wide schedule of training

Enter the Trager International web site.

The following national associations have also developed web sites in English.

Trager Canada – www.trager.ca

Trager UK – www.trager.co.uk

United States Trager Association – www.tragerus.org